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Adult-Gerontology and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination Review Questions and Strategies, 4th Edition

Ensure success on the ANP or FNP certification exam!
2,945 questions—2,420 in the text and 525 on the Bonus CD-ROM—encompass all of the content you’ll encounter on the exam. Each question has been carefully reviewed and updated to ensure accuracy and revised to conform to the style and difficulty levels on the new certification examinations.

This is a wonderful FNP review, but I don’t feel that there are any real differences in it and the prior edition. You can get the older edition (the one that has orange on it) for cheaper, and the same exact questions are in this one. I haven’t went through it question for question, but every question I’ve read has been from the previous edition. So my tip: if you’re short on cash, go for the edition that came out right before this one. If you are a type A person that likes to have brand new books, go for this one, I suppose. Both will be very helpful for your exam, plus my teachers pulled a lot of questions for our classroom FNP exams from the Dunphy book.

When I took the ANP exam, I felt that this book was way too in-depth on many topics. I think studying from it for the national certification exams will be a distraction. However, for purposes of studying for exams during your NP training, I think the questions are very good.

One thing I will say is that this book is one of the very few review books that has a decent number of questions (over 100) on the kinds of policy and role development issues that ANCC (not AANP, though) has on its NP certification exams. It’s a chapter called “Issues in Primary Care”. I recently got a second certification as an AGPCNP through ANCC and I was glad I had reviewed the policy/theory/role questions covered in that chapter. Again, if you are certifying through AANP, you probably don’t need that chapter. P.S. I am reviewing the most recent edition, which came out in 2013.

Helped me to prep for my exams in school and I will be using it to prep for the NP exam. This book has a rationale for each question which I believe is the best part of the book. The CD ROM that came with the book is useless, not beneficial at all.

I just took my AGNP AANP boards and this book helped a lot. I actually study the Fitzgerald, Leik, Hollier, ANCC ANP, and ANCC GNP. Fitzgerald and Leik give a good foundation and this book actually made me a better test taker because I had to slow down and read what the question was asking. I did this book and Hollier questions two to three times because I found that repetition made me learn more.

I found this book very helpful for reviewing for my up coming quiz, the questions helped me prepare and provided and explanation which was very nice.

Product Details :

  • Paperback: 1152 pages
  • Publisher: F.A. Davis Company; 4th edition (January 17, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0803627041
  • ISBN-13: 978-0803627048
  • Product Dimensions: 1.1 x 8.3 x 11 inches

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