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Atlas of Human Anatomy with Student Consult Access, 5th Edition (Netter Basic Science)

Atlas of Human Anatomy uses Frank H. Netter, MD’s detailed illustrations to demystify this often intimidating subject, providing a coherent, lasting visual vocabulary for understanding anatomy and how it applies to medicine. This fifth edition features a stronger clinical focus-with new diagnostic imaging examples–making it easier to correlate anatomy with practice. Student Consult online access includes supplementary learning resources, from additional illustrations to an anatomy dissection guide and more. Netter. It’s how you know.

  • See anatomy from a clinical perspective with hundreds of exquisite, hand-painted illustrations created by, and in the tradition of, pre-eminent medical illustrator Frank H. Netter, MD.
  • Join the global community of healthcare professionals who’ve mastered anatomy the Netter way!
  • Expand your study at Student Consult online, where you’ll find a suite of learning aids including selected Netter illustrations, additional clinically focused illustrations and radiologic images, videos from Netter’s 3D Interactive Anatomy, dissection modules, an anatomy dissection guide, multiple-choice review questions, “drag-and-drop” exercises, clinical pearls, clinical cases, survival guides, surgical procedures, and more.
  • Correlate anatomy with practice through an increased clinical focus, many new diagnostic imaging examples, and bonus clinical illustrations and guides online.


    “This book is illustrated with countless of detailed diagrams by Frank netter and it is detail, charm  and clarity of these diagrams that is very much the strength of the book.”

    Med Saint, January 2013

     Book Description

    If the human body is your territory, this is your map.

    I purchased this copy for use during my deployment to Afghanistan. It is minimally changed from the Hardback copy I bought at the beginning of med school back in 1990, with just a handful of new images/supplements which enhance the book, but one can never complain about the quality of images Frank Netter left us. When people stop by the department to borrow it(which is frequent), the common adjective, “wonderful” is most frequently espoused.

    Quite simply the best anatomy book I know of, and as a radiologist, I familiar with many text that don’t begin to compare, and at its current price, a bargin which shouldn’t be passed by, as it has a place in every physician’s library.

    I purchased the kindle edition after buying “Netter’s Clinical Anatomy 2nd edition”, which is also a valuable and very concise text. While the anatomical illustrations appear with astounding clarity on my kindle fire and my PC, there are many pages with “cannot display” messages saying, “There is video content at this location that is not currently supported for your device. The caption for this content is displayed below.” (PC).

    However, this title also comes with the Elsevier Student Consult, which allows access to the text online and features extras which make this atlas a real winner. The Student Consult includes: an image library; clinical images; multiple-choice review questions; SAQs optimized for the iPad (I don’t have an iPad, so I haven’t accessed this feature); clinical pearls; clinical cases; Netter 3-D active anatomy video samples; Netter UNC dissection videos; Netter UNC dissection videos for the iPad; Drag and Drop exercises; Survival Guides; surgical procedures; imaging studies; sample pages from other Netter books; classical Chinese plates (of interest to me because of my background in Japanese medical translation); about (a description of the author); and related titles (advertising).

    Reading the text online at Student Consult allows access to clear, well-written descriptions of what you need to remember beginning with “Study Aims” progressing to a Guide, which gives you the highlights of what to remember with outline explanations. It then proceeds to lay out “Facts and Hints” centering on anatomical and clinical points, which provide you with additional important information.

    This atlas is looking to be a real winner in my review of anatomy. The Clinical Anatomy mentioned earlier is also another jewel. In my opinion, both of them are well worth the money.

    I already had the book version, but, since I am always walking around with a bunch of very heavy books and use Netter as just a reference here and there, I decided to also get the Kindle version for my tablet. I love having it with me anywhere and it was very helpful to bring a plate up in class and/or while studying more advanced applied anatomy from other books.

Product Details :

  • Series: Netter Basic Science
  • Paperback: 624 pages
  • Publisher: Saunders; 5 edition (May 17, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1416059512
  • ISBN-13: 978-1416059516
  • Product Dimensions: 1.4 x 8.4 x 11 inches

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