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Board of Certification Study Guide for Clinical Laboratory Certification Examinations (BOR Study Guides), 5th Edition

The 5th edition of The ASCP Board of Certifcation Study Guide the authoritative study tool for preparing for the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) and Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) certification examinations has been updated and expanded to include new sections on molecular pathology, lab information, safety, answers and explanations for each question, and much more.

More than 2,000 multiple-choice questions are presented in a format and style similar to those on the actual BOC certification examination. They re also organized within the chapters to correspond to the major content areas on the examination.

– Each practice question includes an answer and a brief explanation, with suggestions for additional information sources for more information
– Note at a glance whether a question is appropriate for both MT/MLS and MLT levels or MT/MLS only
– Zero in on a specific topic within a chapter and access questions that relate to that topic
– Questions with images appear as they would on the exam

This book is amazing. It a one of a kind study guide that has really helped me. This book is not just one big book filled with reading material, like a study guide you would use or see in school. It is filled with questions that might be asked on your certification exam and includes an answer key at the end of every section you complete with fully detailed answers to why that answer is correct.

The following subjects include:

Blood Banking : blood products, blood group systems, physiology and pathophysiology, serology,and transfusions. Chemistry : carbohydrates, acid-base balance, electrolytes, proteins and other nitrogen-containing compounds, heme derivatives, enzymes, lipids and lipoproteins, endocrinology and tumor markers, TDM and toxicology, quality assessment, laboratory mathematics,and instrumentation. Hematology: erythrocytes-pathology, erythrocytes-disease states, erythrocytes-laboratory determinations, leukocytes-physiology, leukocytes-disease states, leukocytes-laboratory determinations, platelets-physiology, platelets-disease states, platelets-laboratory operations, hemostasis,and hematology laboratory operations.

Immunology: autoantibody evaluation, infectious disease serology, protein analysis,and cellular immunity and histocompatibility techniques. Microbiology: preanalytical and susceptibility testing, aerobic gram-positive cocci, gram-negative bacilli, aerobic gram-negative cocci, aerobic or facultative gram-positive bacilli, anaerobes, fungi, mycobacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and parasites. Molecular biology: molecular science, molecular techniques, and applications of molecular testing. Urinalysis and body fluids: Urinalysis-pre-analytical examination, urinalysis-chemical examination, urinalysis-complete examination, urine physiology, and other body fluids. Laboratory operations questions: QA, safety, management, laboratory mathematics, instrumentation and general laboratory principles, education and communication, and laboratory information systems.

So, needless to say there is a ton of great studying material in this book. I would not spend any money on any other books, but this one. There are several that professors recommend, but in my personal opinion this and the clinical flash cards are the only thing you need to spend your money on for the certification exam. Hope this book helps you as much as it has helped me.

I purchased this book to help me study for certification in microbiology. I found that it is just a bunch of practice questions. The practice questions are great as a way to see what the test will be like, but not good for finding all the info needed to study. I recently purchased Microcards: Review Cards for Medical Students and Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple. Both are great tools for studying.

I am currently studying for my CLS examination and reading through this book. I feel as if this book was not proof read at all. There are misspellings, missing words, missing graphs/tables and answers in the back that do not correlate with the question it is supposed to accompany.

Product Details :

  • Series: BOR Study Guides
  • Paperback: 484 pages
  • Publisher: American Society for Clinical Pathology; 5th edition (August 1, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0891895876
  • ISBN-13: 978-0891895879
  • Product Dimensions: 0.9 x 6.8 x 9.7 inches

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