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Clinical Anesthesia, 7th Edition Print + Ebook with Multimedia

Clinical Anesthesia, Seventh Edition, covers the full spectrum of clinical options, providing insightful coverage of pharmacology, physiology, co-existing diseases, and surgical procedures. This classic book is unmatched for its clarity and depth of coverage. Traditionally available as a printed textbook, now it comes with a completely revamped digital experience, powered by Inkling.  Viewable through a browser or as a download to your tablet or smartphone, the digital version includes:

·      The complete text with optimized navigation

·      A powerful, index-based search

·      Hundreds of videos demonstrating teaching points for procedures and concepts. The videos teach airway anatomy via bronchoscope, demonstrate decision-making via animated algorithms, and simplify physiologic concepts via simple visual demonstrations

·      All referenced cases, studies and pages are linked throughout for instant access

·      Regular updates integrated into the text of the electronic version

·      Ongoing postings of new videos

·      The ability to share notes with friends and colleagues


Whether you’re brushing up on the basics, or preparing for a complicated case, the digital version will let you take the content wherever you go and offer you the most interactive experience yet.

As an anesthesia resident, it’s hard to lug around large volumes for review when you must be light on your feet.

This edition allowed me to download the text/multimedia to my iPhone and iPad for convenient use throughout the day, on the go.

The multimedia integrated with each chapter is amazing and a perfect audio/visual aid to the easy to read text.

All I have is praise for the new edition.

I bought Barash because I just can’t read Miller (Baby Miller is great though). This new version is a great deal – you get the book AND the complete on-line product for one price. The textbook is massive at 1880 pages, full color, and looks nice. I haven’t even opened mine. The on-line product is amazing! They published it through Inkling (www.inkling.com), and with this version you get full text access plus all the multimedia extras. All are available on the web or via the iProduct/Android apps. The Inkling app isn’t quite as polished as iBooks or Kindle, but their help desk was fast and responsive to a minor issue with my account.

The material itself is very easy to read. I found a few typos and contradictions, but nothing that detracts in a meaningful way. Overall, I am very happy with this version of Barash, making it my go-to source for information.

As a CRNA, Program Director and clinical/didactic instructor, I always reach for Barash first when researching an anesthesia-related topic. It is highly readable, the illustrations and photos support the written text nicely, and the online videos are great addition as well. It is the main text of choice at our anesthesia program and has been since the first iteration of the book! It has also been recently listed as a resource for CRNA national certification exam questions on the NBCRNA’s bibliography. Highly recommend.

The difference between the interactive nature of Clinical Anesthesia’s e-textbook on Inkling and simply reading the textbook is really impressive. Instead of passively going line by line in the respected medical textbook, we now have the ability to play high-quality videos, in which we are taken step by step by highly regarded medical professionals, and actively digest what we are reading.

As a medical student, I believe that this is the type of textbook that we should all look for because of its intellectual depth, crystal clear layout (simple subdivisions in anatomy, physiology, etc.), thoughtful illustrations, and easily memorable videos. I strongly recommend this book to any medical student/resident who wants an analytic approach to anesthesia or the professional who is looking for a strong refresher.

Product Details :

  • Series: Clinical Anesthesia
  • Hardcover: 1880 pages
  • Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Seventh edition (April 15, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1451144199
  • ISBN-13: 978-1451144192
  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 8.7 x 11.3 inches

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