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Discovering Statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics, 4th Edition


I think this is a really good starting point for teaching stats – from assuming students knows nothing about and taking them gradually to a more advanced understanding. The book is – very helpfully- full of interesting examples and engaging style of writing. I like it that the book has several ‘levels of difficulty’ and engages both with practical stats and theory. The book I believe is targeted at UG students mainly, but some chapters can be recommended to MA students on research methods courses provided that they know nothing about statistics – the book is written in a very accessible manner which means that it can satisfy the need of international students in terms of level of difficulty and language (and business programmes normally have a lot of international students at MA level). The explanations are logically organized and explained in a lucid and clear manner. Little features like ‘faces’ I believe would make the book more attractive to UG students. I think self-test questions and the tasks at the end of chapter are very helpful, as well as the real world data and (often humorous) examples. My course is MA so I am not adopting this book for a course as a main text, but I may recommend it to students who are completely unfamiliar with statistics. (Maria Karepova)

With considerable pain, I give Andy Field’s marvelous, somewhat spectacular book, a 4 star rating. I bought it in Kindle, then in paper. Kindle absolutely lacks the technology to offer the book. I would rate the overall Kindle experience for this book around 2 stars. I will explain in a bit. On the other hand, for content, style, and all that makes for a great book, the paper version has it all hands down. I am a Ph.D. and an author. Never have I seen such an intelligent, witty book on statistics or for that matter on any technical subject. Field has helped me to understand statistics and their use in research in a way I never thought was possible. The paper version is 5+ stars. But books are more than just words in print. They are also a format in and of themselves, which brings me back to Kindle. I have around 200 purchases on Kindle, this is my first technical one. It is not possible to expand the graphs and charts, which are essentially unreadable (nearly microscopic) on the Kindle and are essential in understanding the subject matter. The paper version uses multiple columns and color coding to add to its readability. These are lost on Kindle Touch. Additionally, it is not at all easy to get back to your original location when you opt to tap a reference or go to a figure. You actually have to write down your original location number and “go to” the “got to” menu and type in the number “to get back.” For me the Kindle works fine for a linear read, start at the beginning and go straight to the end…and I love it…but not a book that by its nature requires mobility. Now Andy, author to author, sit down with the Kindle and try to read your own book. Make sure you have a box of tissues nearby.

I purchased the hard copy for graduate statistics courses a few years ago. While writing the dissertation the digital copy has provided an ability to quickly access key information while writing components of the chapters, a great plus. The hard copy is wonderful and includes the SPSS CD. Increased efficiency during the writing process is the benefit of Investment in the digital copy, in my humble opinion.

I’ve read all editions of Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (from Andy Field). It’s a great and funny book to learn basic and deep statistics and to learn how to use SPSS (this 4th edition has been illustrated with SPSS version 21 but it’s very similar to old versions of the software). I strong recommend it.

Andy Field’s Discovering Statistics books are both enjoyable to read and comprehensive in their coverage of topics. Even those who dislike statistics will find this text engaging and intuitive. For the more ambitious, the book is packed full of references to original research and other literature related to the topics discussed. The most enjoyable aspect of this book is its balance between the ideas of understanding the statistical concepts and of actually performing the analysis. If you aren’t interested in the theory, you can skip it and still get practical steps for conducting the analysis. Likewise, if you don’t care about SPSS, the book is still valuable for the theory it provides.

The only downside to this book is that it is for SPSS, which is incapable of many modern robust tests. But no worries, as Field has also written Discovering Statistics Using R, which provides a larger set of tools.

Product Details :

  • Paperback: 952 pages
  • Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd; Fourth Edition edition (January 24, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1446249182
  • ISBN-13: 978-1446249185
  • Product Dimensions: 10.4 x 7.7 x 1.3 inches

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