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Intervention and Reflection Basic Issues in Bioethics, 9th Edition

In INTERVENTION AND REFLECTION, nationally acclaimed bioethicist and novelist Ronald Munson masterfully weds clear and accurate accounts of complex scientific findings with case presentations whose vivid narrative helps students connect science with the human emotion behind important and controversial biomedical decisions. These engaging cases and briefings conclude with succinct summaries of basic ethical theories and are followed by up-to-date and influential articles addressing the most pressing issues in bioethics today. The vibrant writing, along with the wide variety of current cases and issues, make the book appealing and provocative to readers ranging from those with no philosophical or scientific training to those in programs in philosophy, nursing, or medicine. You will quickly learn why INTERVENTION AND REFLECTION continues to be the most widely used bioethics textbook on the market: This unusual text is surprisingly hard to put down.


“Munson does an excellent job of introducing the sections, and I like how each new edition stays up-to-date on the latest issues in bioethics.” — Timothy Madigan, Saint John Fisher College

“This book is an in-depth anthology of important classical readings in medical ethics combined with up-to-date social, legal, and philosophical evaluations of important issues in medical ethics.” — Stephen Hanson, University of Louisville

“This volume is a well-thought out introduction to key issues in medical ethics that combines a critical and conceptual approach with the reality of medical practice.” — Fabrice Jotterand, UT Southwestern Medical School

“The author does an excellent job of taking a vast number of content areas and packaging them into an accessible and thoughtful text.” — Kristen Tym, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

” . . . it is a very comprehensive text that takes up the major bioethical issues of interest today and that includes seminal articles and stimulating cases for discussion.” — David Schenck, University of South Florida

About the Author

Ronald Munson is Professor of Philosophy of Science and Medicine at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He received his PhD from Columbia University and was Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology at Harvard University. He has been a visiting professor at University of California, San Diego, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and Harvard Medical School. A nationally acclaimed bioethicist, Munson is a medical ethicist for the National Eye Institute and a consultant for the National Cancer Institute. He is also a member of the Washington University School of Medicine Human Studies Committee. In addition to being the author of a number of science and ethics books, he is also the author of the novels NOTHING HUMAN, FAN MAIL, and NIGHT VISION.

I would have given this book at least 4 stars, if not for the many typographical and spelling errors. The editors did a terrible job reviewing this. There are so many errors it results in very frustrated reading at times. The content of this book overall isn’t bad and is quite interesting. But the abundance of errors really distracts from the overall content.

First the good news. Ronald Munson’s “Intervention and Reflection: Basic Issues in Bioethics” is about as complete an anthology in the field of bioethics as one is going to find. There is no major topic in the field that it fails to cover in depth, both through Munson’s own extensive commentary and through the many articles he chooses from other authors. I have used it as the text in bioethics courses I have taught and both the students and I have found it quite helpful.

However, its lack of basic proofreading is inexcusable in a text published by Wadsworth, an otherwise reputable publisher of academic material. On page after page one finds errors that would have been caught through a cursory reading. A few of the more egregious examples: On page 49 a patient introduced as Prosenjit Boddar becomes “Foddar” five lines down and “Poddar” at the beginning of the next paragraph. On page 124 “Paul Geisinger” turns into “Raul” at the conclusion of the same paragraph in which he is called “Paul.” In the following paragraph we read of viral particles that are destroyed “within a month to sue weeks.” (What are sue weeks?) On page 143 the text speaks of “abstract more issues” (instead of “moral issues,” I guess). These examples of sloppy (or perhaps no) proofreading are multiplied many times over in the 900 plus pages of the book.

One expects far more than this for the outrageous price this book commands. Certainly the $150.00 plus price tag per copy leaves some spare change for Wadsworth to hire a competent copy editor. Ronald Munson, who gives every indication from his writings of being a knowledgeable bioethicist, should be embarrassed that a book with such sloppy editing has come out under his name.

Product Details :

  • Hardcover: 944 pages
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning; 9 edition (November 18, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1133587143
  • ISBN-13: 978-1133587149
  • Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 7.2 x 9.2 inches

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