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Looking Through the Eyes of Trauma and Dissociation An illustrated guide for EMDR therapists and clients, 1st Edition

This book is created with over 100 original cartoons so that not only therapists can understand the treatment of traumatic dissociation, but their clients can as well. It describes the use of ego state therapy in preparation for trauma work, especially EMDR.

Sandra’s book does a wonderful job of guiding the reader through the necessary phases of trauma treatment for dissociative disorders. Although it focuses on severe dissociation (DID), it is very useful for work with ego states, and although intended primarily for EMDR-trained therapists, any therapist doing trauma treatment will benefit greatly. I believe that much of the material is geared towards therapists, yet clients can also glean a great deal of understanding regarding their dissociative capacities and the road to healing. What makes the book so accessible and digestible is the format (very short didactic passages, followed by clinical anecdotes that make the teaching come alive) and the delightful cartoons, that provide a right-brain learning and exude compassion and understanding. A job very well done!
Andrew Seubert, author: “The Courage to Feel”

This book will be a great help to therapists wanting to utilize EMDR as a treatment for their clients with DID and also for patients dealing with the disorder. The whimsical cartoons presented in the book help de-stigmatize the disorder for those who have it and also are very helpful in both the client and theraspits’ ability to understand what is going on internally with the patient with a dissociative disorder.
Any EMDR trained therapist worth their salt can only go so far with a standard EMDR protocol, especially if the the clients you are working with have an extensive history of childhood or adolescent trauma. Dr. Paulsen’s book is a must for early trauma survivors and the therapists who treat them. Most EMDR therapists have, at one time or another, had the troubling experience of utilizing standard EMDR which goes no where, or even worse, floods the client and causes them to not want to continue processing. This book helps clients and their therapists, better understand how the trauma from youth is held by different ego states that helped the body cope during such tormenting times. The challenge is that those experiences continue to haunt the body when triggers occur, leaving one to feel as if the old traumas are still happening, even though it is years later. This is the best of both worlds, by combining EMDR and Ego State work, the body, mind and soul have a greater opportunity for healing when other methods have failed. This helps the client process their traumas without becoming overwhelmed or flooded and is much gentler than standard EMDR. Thanks to Dr. Paulsen for developing such a wonderful resource and for providing a way to help people move beyond their traumas and live the lives they were meant to live without being hijacked by someone else’s abuse.
Fast shipping from supplier with a great price! This is an excellent resource for Trauma Therapists, specifically working with clients dissociation. This is not a ‘self-help’ book and would not be suitable for clients to read, but provides an excellent reference for therapists. This is also not a good book for beginning therapists. A strong background in trauma therapy is needed to make sense of the book. As an advanced book, it is excellent!

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  • Paperback: 276 pages
  • Publisher: BookSurge Publishing; 1 edition (February 23, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1439213216
  • ISBN-13: 978-1439213216
  • Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 8 x 10.2 inches

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