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Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs and Cats Techniques for Developing Patients Who Love Their Visits, 1st Edition

Dr. Sophia Yin, author of the Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook, is a veterinarian, applied animal behaviorist, author, and speaker. Her passion for animals and their proper handling and restraint led her to spend hundreds of hours on this project – a new book and instructional DVD set focused on the most humane techniques that reduce stress for people and pets. The book and DVD feature: * More than 1,600 photos that show practicing veterinarians and students how to handle dogs and cats correctly * Explanations of what vets think they’re doing right but may actually be doing wrong * Three hours of video clips with voiceover narratives that show correct and incorrect handling procedures By using this training tool, vets will: * Be able to implement the most up-to-date handling techniques * Learn how to restrain animals correctly through behavior modification that does not involve coercion, dominance, or other negative training methods * Increase efficiency because patients will willingly comply with procedures * Stop perpetuating behavior problems in patients * Create a safer environment for themselves and and their team with fewer bites, scratches, and back injuries * Improve the bond between vet, pet, and client This new book and DVD quickly and painlessly teaches how to handle dogs and cats with ease and grace, showing veterinarians how to impress clients and create patients who willingly comply with treatments and procedures.

This visual guide is the result of hundreds of hours of research and a dedication to intelligent and compassionate behavior modification in animals. Over 1,600 photos and three hours of video clips make it easy to recognize poor handling methods that can cause behavior issues for a lifetime. Dr. Yin shows the wrong way, and then the right way, to clearly illustrate exactly how and why a pet reacts the way she does. The benefits of low-stress handling are tremendous; practicing these refined handling skills will create a safer work environment, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve the bond between vet, pet, and client.


…the pictures on this book are amazing. The author has done an incredible job of accumulating 1,600 photographs of dogs and cats, along with a DVD, to illustrate “techniques for developing patients who love their visits [to the veterinarian].” In a time when dominance techniques often take center stage for controlling and managing behavior, it is a breath of fresh air to read the information contained [here]. It is science-based information (catalogued and referenced) …will really assist veterinarians… the information included here will provide fodder for clinic training opportunities…interesting and enlightening. Nonthreatening techniques are provided with photographs to illustrate the outcome… the combination of reading the text and watching the DVD, with subsequent practice of the techniques, sets the stage for an in-clinic learning experience for all… contains gems on counterconditioning cats to pilling and veterinarian-supervised technician behavior modification sessions… I strongly recommend this book for veterinarians and veterinary technicians as well as for owners. Communicating with patients and pets is paramount for a strong and healthy bond… it is fantastic to be able to recommend a book solidly grounded in science instead of one full of outdated techniques. –Terry Marie Curtis, DVM, MS, DACVB, JAVMA, 15-Dec-2009 This fantastic tome belongs on every trainer’s bookshelf, as well as in every veterinary clinic and shelter in America… the ultimate guide for new and experienced trainers and anyone who regularly deals with animals and who wants to learn about gentle, humane techniques… The DVD makes both an invaluable educational guide for yourself and can also be used to demonstrate specific behaviors to clients.

If that’s not enough, owning the book gives you access to information on Dr. Yin’s Web site including PDF files of client handouts on behavior, and several entire chapters online…an incredibly useful avenue for broaching the subject of training and handling methods… If you buy one book this year on dog training and behavior, I urge you to consider Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats as your choice. While it priced higher than most books that trainers and behavior counselors will consider, it is well worth the price and you will find yourself referring to this book again and again, as well as using it with clients and other dog care professionals to discuss animal behavior and the benefits of using positive, low-stress methods. –Mychelle Blake, MSW, CDBC, The APDT Chronicle of the Dog, 01-Nov-2009

I’m having a difficult time getting through this book. Its not a bad thing, Dr Yin, just writes in such a way that you start thinking about what you just read. So, my mind keeps wondering off. It is easy to find something that your looking for in the book though, so getting back on track is easy.

The only bad thing was the book directs you to the DVD through out the chapter. At first I felt like I needed to stop and view it. In fact you can wait until the end of the chapter and then watch the DVD of the whole chapter.

The information is great and she does not speak over my head. I’m very greatful.

Though spendy this book and DVD are great to have for learning and reference. I appreciate the “realness” of the DVD and the gentle, firm and positive approach. Does your vet treat your pet the same way? I am now equipped to better evaluate who cares for my pet and greatly encouraged that what so many of the “dominance” gurus do can be so harmful. If you cringe when you see dogs being jerked around by choke chain collars, zapped with electrical charges, yelled at, scolded and other wise “worked over” because their guardians feel their authority is threatened, then this is for you. Positive reinforcement and just good ol’ consistent, positive, and upbeat attitude can work wonders. Dr. Yin shows how to use these positive attributes to help your pet become the confident companion you want. I also recommend any book by Patricia McConnell who recommended this book on her website.

Having recently taken a “Restraint” course from a veterinary technology school where I felt we manhandled the animals and frightened them, this book was a breath of fresh air. I hope to be able to spread Dr. Yin’s techniques to other vet clinics. I plan to use her videos for staff meetings to enlighten others who have taken the traditional classes on restraint.

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  • Paperback: 480 pages
  • Publisher: CattleDog Publishing (June 15, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0964151847
  • ISBN-13: 978-0964151840
  • Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.5 x 0.9 inches

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