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Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference, 11th Edition

Get fast access to important diagnostic tests and procedures with Mosby’s Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference, 11th Edition by Kathleen Deska Pagana and Timothy J. Pagana. In this bestselling handbook, concise test entries are arranged alphabetically and reflect the latest in research and diagnostic testing. Each test entry includes vital information such as alternate or abbreviated test names, type of test, normal and abnormal findings, possible critical values, test explanation and related physiology, contraindications, potential complications, interfering factors, and patient care before, during, and after the test. To simplify lookup, related tests and studies are cross-referenced. A compact size, durable cover, and A-to-Z thumb tabs make this book ideal for quick reference on the job.

  • UNIQUE! Each test entry begins on a new page, making tests easy to find.
  • Alphabetically organized tests offer quick reference with A-to-Z thumb tabs, so you’ll never have to search for a test by having to first determine its correct category or body system.
  • User’s Guide to Test Preparation and Performance provides an overview and guidelines for each type of laboratory test and diagnostic procedure, so you can minimize worry about having to repeat a test due to an error.
  • Normal findings for adult (male and female), elderly, and pediatric patients are included where applicable.
  • Increased and decreased abnormal findings are highlighted with directional arrows.
  • Patient care sections provide step-by-step instructions for care before, during, and after the test.
  • NEW monographs cover the latest in diagnostic testing, including anti-glycan antibodies, color cancer tumor analysis, drug sensitivity genotype, laboratory genetics, neuron specific enolase, pancreatobiliary FISH testing, Pl-linked blood antigen, and Septin 9 DNA methylation assay.
  • UPDATED coverage reflects current research relating to accuracy of testing, diagnostic values of results, and patient care associated with each test.

I have the ebook, but prefer the paper copy. Made it easy to look up things for clinicals! Would recommend to all!

I am an NP student and I always take this book to clinical. It explains the purpose of the tests and the meaning of the results. Very helpful when interpreting lab results.

I have another lab book that was required for my nursing program, but it was a hard read and just not organized well. So I saw this at a book store and purchased it on Amazon for less. This one is easy read and better orgranzied. Arrived on time and packaged nicely!

I love this book, complete concise & accurate, I even suggested it to our instructors over what is used now

This is the best source of information about lab tests and lab test results I have found. A description of each test is given with its related physiology, procedure, and factors that may effect the test results. Most importantly the normal range for each test is given, broken down by sex and age in many cases. This is often much better than the medical laboratory provided ranges. A list of possible causes of abnormal findings is provided but no detail is provided.

Imaging studies are also covered with a description of each process. There is a good description of the lumbar puncture (spinal tap) that outlines the various procedures, normal results, reasons to not take the test, possible complications, and after effects. Endoscopies, throat cultures nuclear studies among others are also included. However, one should have a basic knowledge of anatomy and biology to get the most from this book.

Excellent book, I need it for my Nursing School works, study of cases and more. It is absolutely wonderful with a great price.

Product Details :

  • Series: Mosby’s Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference
  • Paperback: 1088 pages
  • Publisher: Mosby; 11 edition (October 4, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0323084680
  • ISBN-13: 978-0323084680
  • Product Dimensions: 1.3 x 5 x 8 inches

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