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Osborn's Brain Imaging, Pathology, and Anatomy, 1st Edition

Osborn’s Brain: Imaging, Pathology, and Anatomy is the much-pleaded-for successor to Anne G. Osborn’s 1993 award winning book Diagnostic Neuroradiology (a.k.a. “The Red Book”), which became one of the all-time bestselling neuroradiology texts.

In this highly anticipated 1,200-page volume, Anne Osborn applies her special touch to make complex topics visually appealing and easy to understand.  It wraps the “must know” aspects of brain imaging together with spectacular pathology examples, relevant anatomy, and the most up-to-date techniques in brain imaging.

Osborn’s Brain is organized for curriculum-based learning. Osborn begins with emergent topics, such as trauma, to help the reader learn in the order that is most practical for a resident or practicing radiologist. Indeed, this volume helps readers learn how to think about diagnoses, types of diagnoses, and the various pathologies that can affect the brain.

Even as Osborn “takes readers by the hand” to introduce them to the world of brain imaging, she includes new concepts and diagnoses that will intrigue the most sophisticated neuroradiologist.

The format of this book departs significantly from Osborn’s most recent publications. Rather than using bulleted text, she returns to detailed prose paragraphs designed to be a comprehensive learning resource. Summary boxes highlight the most important points from each section, enhancing functionality and ease of use.

This detail rich content is augmented with over 3,300 stunning, high resolution radiologic images and medical illustrations, all of which are annotated to describe the most clinically significant features.

Osborn’s Brain is easy to read, a visual delight, and a feast of concise, clear information. This impressive volume gives every radiologist and clinical neuroscientist exactly what he or she needs to know, while offering a fascinating journey into Osborn’s brain!

I haven’t finished the entire book yet. I only read the first 10 chapters. I’ll start with the pros:

1. The most lucid yet comprehensive book I have read on brain imaging yet. Compared with Youssem’s book, this is easier to read.

2. The imaging and diagrams as well as the path pictures are far and away the best quality I have ever seen in any radiology text book. Most of the images are also very high yield as well.

3. There are boxes at the end of each section that contain all the salient points of that section, which is very useful.

1. This book is pretty expensive compared with Youssem’s book. Also, this does not discuss head and neck or spine imaging at all. Youssem’s book is more comprehensive.

Overall, I highly recommend it for radiologists at all levels, from residents to neuroradiology attendings.

Product Details :

  • Hardcover: 1208 pages
  • Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 1 Har/Psc edition (November 22, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1931884218
  • ISBN-13: 978-1931884211
  • Product Dimensions: 2.3 x 9.1 x 11.1 inches

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