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Principles of Virology (2 Volume Set), 3rd Edition

Best-selling textbook fills the gap between introductory texts and advanced reviews of major virus families.

  • Focuses on concepts and principles to present a comprehensive treatment from molecular biology to pathogenesis and control of viral infections.
  • Illustrates why and how animal viruses are studied and demonstrates how the knowledge gained from such model viruses can be used to study viral systems that are still relatively unknown.
  • Provides a thorough introduction to principles of viral pathogenesis, a broad view of viral evolution, a discussion of how viruses were discovered, and an explanation of the history of the discipline of virology.

Excellent well written books for 3rd and 4th year university students. Professor recommends and uses this volume set as a second text book. It is a must have for undergraduate molecular virology and medical virology courses.

Admittedly, I like to anthropomorphize things and the author of this book definitely does =not=. That makes things a tad more difficult to understand although more accurate than my way of thinking.

The very best thing about this two volume set of books is that in addition to being presented very professionally, is that you can follow through the book with online lectures available free by the author. The book becomes a quick reference to dig into topics further that are covered in the lectures and by viewing the lectures, one can absorb the obvious enthusiasm the authors have for their work. . . which makes you want to read the book even more.

In addition to the books and the lectures, the authors also support a virology blog website. Being able to go from book to blog to lecture all within the one universe presented in these books makes an understanding, appreciate and enthusiasm for the topic much easier and certainly more inviting. It is a one-stop shop and the books form the foundation of that shop. Even as the edition becomes more dated, I would still go with these books before a newer edition of another book, because the lectures and blog are updated routinely and can supersede minor points in an edition that might be just slightly behind as it approaches its next iteration. No need to wait. These books will put you in the know and you will be -happy- about it because of the convenient connection to living lectures and blogs. As an aside, the author even answers his emails if you have questions. I don’t want to hang that on him as an obligation, but I doubt you will find a more responsive author.

As I was already aware of the other authors’ learning materials, I chose these books as teaching aids in the preparation of lessons. I indicated to undergraduate students who are starting the study of basic Virology (Volume 1), but also for students and teachers of Virology applied (volume 2). The only weak point is that it could be accompanied with a DVD with images and supplementary reading materials.
I’m a student and this book was written by my prof! I can only say that I will def be using this book after school ends! It is full of history and very interesting topic of course!

Product Details :

  • Paperback: 986 pages
  • Publisher: ASM Press; 3 edition (December 1, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1555814433
  • ISBN-13: 978-1555814434
  • Product Dimensions: 1.7 x 8.3 x 10.8 inches

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