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Speech and Voice Science, 2nd Edition

Speech and Voice Science, now in its second edition, is the definitive speech science and acoustics textbook for students and professionals. Heavily referenced and based on current research and knowledge, the text presents a comprehensive study of acoustics, anatomy and physiology, and biomechanics of all major subsystems of speech production breathing, phonation, resonation, and articulation.After providing an introduction to the science of speech and voice production and creating a foundation of knowledge in basic concepts of acoustics and physics, the author gives extensive attention to the examination of imaging, kinematic, and acoustic instrumentation used in research and clinical settings. The author includes a generous number of spectrograms (vowels, consonants, and coarticulatory effects). Two key chapters on phonation present the most in-depth exploration of voice and laryngeal dynamics available in any existing text. The author fully integrates concepts of speech motor control and speech perception into relevant chapters on vowels and consonants. Historical and current theories of speech production and perception, and many of the issues central to research in these areas, are addressed thoroughly. Discussions of clinical and research instrumentation are integrated into each chapter, helping the reader understand how information presented in each chapter is obtained, and how the abilities and limitations of instrumentation shape our knowledge of speech and voice science.

Instructors and students benefit greatly from the substantial number of critical review questions following each chapter, and the accompanying PowerPoint slides facilitate teaching and learning.

The second edition has been revised and updated to be a better resource for students and instructors alike. In addition to a comprehensive updating of research and references, the second edition contains changes to help engage students in the learning process. The most significant enhancements include:
*A reorganization of the introductory chapters
*The inclusion of ample student study material
*Classroom group activities

Each chapter now contains section study questions in addition to the end-of-chapter review questions, which have themselves been expanded. The section study questions are designed to help focus students on the key concepts and to assess their learning.

The second edition also includes website recommendations and Instructor-Facilitated Classroom Learning Activities at the end of each chapter. New material has been added as well, including a chapter on Advice for Students on Effective Study Techniques.

Bringing together all of the knowledge crucial to the study of speech and voice science in one concise and readable textbook, this book is essential for courses in speech and voice science and acoustics and will effectively supplement courses in voice disorders. The depth of knowledge presented here is also highly appropriate for doctoral students and professionals in the field.


Doody Enterprises, Inc.: “* * * * Four stars from Doody’s Review Service! [First Edition]” Lynn Helding, Journal of Singing, (2009): “Someone has finally done it: written ‘Voice Science for the Non-Scientific (Yet Nevertheless Intelligent) Person’… Both the set up scheme and graphic features of this book should guarantee its use by many different populations within the larger community of voice studies, for these allow the reader to navigate quickly to topics of interest without having to wade through clinical or technical language to get there. [Refers to First Edition]”

About the Author

Alison Behrman, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor in Speech Communication Studies at Iona College. A well-respected speech and voice scientist with clinical expertise in voice disorders, she maintains an active research program and lectures around the world on speech science, instrumentation and the treatment of voice disorders. She has developed voice centers for two major New York City medical centers and was a founding member of the International Conference on the Physiology and Acoustics of Singing.

I am a laryngologist (i.e. head and neck surgeon with a focus on medical and surgical treatments of the larynx). I also have a BS in biophysics. I’ve read about half of it and flipped through the other half. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK to anybody involved in professional voice. For vocal students, some of the science may dry, but still a great reference when any questions arise. For anybody involved in speech therapy, this book is a great review of the basic science behind why certain therapies are used and again reference text. As a laryngologist I find the sections on speech and phonation easy to read and helpful since I’m part of a team that includes speech therapists. The sections on anatomy, neurolaryngology, and the basic science behind phonation, of which I have significant knowledge, are well-organized and supported by artwork. Overall, a fantastic book.

Product Details :

  • Paperback: 300 pages
  • Publisher: Plural Publishing, Inc.; 2 edition (November 30, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1597564818
  • ISBN-13: 978-1597564816
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 8.5 x 10.8 inches

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