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Taylor's Video Guide to Clinical Nursing Skills Student Set on Enhanced DVD, 2nd Edition

From reinforcing nursing skills to troubleshooting clinical problems on the fly, this dynamic video series follows nursing students and their instructors as they perform a range of essential nursing procedures. Ideal as a stand-alone learning tool or as a companion to textbooks in the Taylor Suite, these engaging videos parallel the skills in the textbooks and are organized in topical modules for easy reference.

In addition to being available for individual student purchase and use, this video series is also available for institutional purchase, to be available for all nursing students at anytime! To learn more about institutional access options and pricing, please contact your local publishing representative.

Features of the video series include:

  • NEW! Interactive Quiz Engine: Questions included for each module allow viewers to check their understanding of the included skills and concepts.
  • Delivers consistent skill presentation across the videos, fundamentals book, and skills book – no conflicting information
  • Step-by-Step Nursing Skills:  In realistic nurse-patient and student-instructor interactions, nursing instructors and student demonstrate skills that include effective patient communications.  Talking through the skill ,explaining the how’s and
  • Discusses the ‘why’s’ of nursing and offers valuable tips, teaching students to avoid and manage potential problems

*Note: Versions of the individual student access products are for individual use only – for institutional access or with any questions, please contact your local publishing representative.

I wish I’d bought this at the beginning of the semester. Important skills are covered from start to finish in well-produced videos. My lab profs weren’t great about demoing skills. Watching these videos before lab gave me a huge leg up. I also used them to review skills before mastery check-offs. If you’re going to buy any supplement to the Taylor text this is it!

I wish I had known this DVD was available day one of nursing school. This is a great product for those people who learn visually and audibly. It gives me an opportunity to view the procedure we learn before it is taught in class and then to review it again later as many times as I want. This series is really good for helping students to understand much of the different aspects of a procedure, including rationales, and then they actually perform the procedure on a real person, just not simulated on a sim man. This series would especially be good for students who might have a hard time role playing for check offs or may be uncomfortable with communicating with patients. If you are looking for a product that goes even deeper into the technical side of procedures and offers additional learning resources I would suggest Mosby’s DVDs. After learning of these resources I purchased just about all of the different ones available out there and these would be the best of the ones I purchased. If you can afford only one, then choose Mosby’s if you want the most detailed information and Taylor’s is you need more help with the social aspects of being a nursing student and the role playing side of check offs. Either way, they are both good products. If you want even more learning aids and can afford it then add Wilkinson’s and ATI’s PLAN. Each of them have something unique to offer. One final piece of advice, be careful to know your schools exact steps for each procedure; each of these resources present some variations in the steps they show, and if you follow theirs and not your schools, then you will fail your schools check off. Like I said at the beginning, I wish I had known these resources were available day one.

You can get these free on Youtube at: tcthetank. These are really very helpful for the nursing student and quite detailed for the beginner.

I use these to teach my students. They are very helpful and are a good companion to the textbook. The videos are a quick source for introducing a skill to the students.

Product Details :

  • Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Second, Student Set on Enhanced DVD edition (June 30, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 160831149X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1608311491
  • Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 7.2 inches

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