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The Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence, 8th Edition

Edition after edition, Berger’s highly praised, bestselling text opens students’ eyes to the ways children grow—and the ways that growth is investigated and interpreted by developmentalists. Staying true to the hallmarks that have defined Berger’s vision from the outset, the Eighth Edition again redefines excellence in a child development textbook, combining thoughtful interpretations of the latest science with new skill-building pedagogy and media tools that can revolutionize classroom and study time.

If you are taking a child development class this is the book you should use. The only down side was someone in the class had the 8th edition and the wording between both books was almost word for word. So unless you get a class that uses the 10th edition just save the money and buy the 8th edition. For the most part the book was great and really put everything out there, I just couldn’t get past how much it was a copy of edition 8.

Textbooks can be boring, overwhelming, insulting, underwhelming… This text is well written, well organized and interesting enough to hold your attention. I have enjoyed reading it and like Kathleen Stassen Berger’s writing style. This is one of the better Psychology books I’ve had.

I like how the author has broken down the different chapters. As with most textbooks there are a few areas that sort of drag on, especially the intro chapters, but mostly due to them giving you a background and history of Child Development. As you start breaking into the other chapters the information gets much more interested and it starts to read faster. I had to get this book for a class I was taking, but I found the information also useful in my personal life. All in all, not bad for a textbook!

Product Details :

  • Hardcover: 608 pages
  • Publisher: Worth Publishers; Eighth Edition edition (October 31, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1429216476
  • ISBN-13: 978-1429216470
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 9 x 10.8 inches

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