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The Personality Puzzle, 6th Edition

A personality text with personality.

The Personality Puzzle gets students excited about personality psychology, demonstrating that it is relevant to their lives and thus actually fun to explore. Over six editions, author David Funder has established himself as the master of the readable textbook, always conveying the motivations behind psychological inquiry while never skimping on the science.

About the Author

David C. Funder is Distinguished Professor of Psychology and former chair of the department at the University of California, Riverside. Winner of the 2009 Jack Block Award for Distinguished Research in Personality, he is a former editor of the Journal of Research in Personality, a past president of the Association for Research in Personality, and the president of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (2013). He is best known for his research on personality judgment and has also published research on delay of gratification, attribution theory, the longitudinal course of personality development, and the psychological assessment of situations. He has taught personality psychology to undergraduates at Harvey Mudd College, Harvard University, and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and continues to teach the course every year at the University of California, Riverside.

Product is great introduction of personality psychology and how it is measured. I won’t be selling this one back. Written using vernacular that is easy to understand whether you have a background in psychology or not.

There are few things more frustrating to a university student than being assigned a lousy textbook. Two cardinal sins of many textboks are that they either leave out information the student should know, or they brim with facts but are as fun to read as a phonebook. This book really covers a lot of ground, and touches on each topic long enough to give a student understanding enough to have a reasonably-informed opinion. Equally important, Funder’s writing style is not dry like most textbooks. It’s the first book I would recommend for anyone thinking of teaching a class in Personality Psychology. It’s informative and it’s not boring.
I was just checking for used books at my university bookstore, and it would have cost me more to get it used there, than it did to get it new from Amazon. The product shipped on time and I was very pleased to have gotten it before school started. I also enjoyed the bubble wrap!
Used this for a large personality class in Winter 2013. I think the book is as good or better than anything else out there. I searched for a good text for my upper division university students, and chose this one rather than the one I used last year that studied theorists and their stories. I decided it is best to use an overview book because personality is getting so complex, it is perhaps the most complex topic in psychology. I also teach abnormal psychology and find the personality course more complex, because abnormal psych can rely on the DSM-IV as a teaching paradigm. There is not central paradigm for teaching personality, so it’s a complex topic. The author takes so many different views on each topic that it can be challenging reading. Yet that is the gift he gives in this book — that he is ethical and fair. He doesn’t state opinions that are not true, not even half-truths. He gives as many possible views on personality as possible and does not get on the psychological/empirical high-horse and pretend personality research is clear. For example in the chapter on culture and personality, he doesn’t claim that culture determines personality in any specific ways, which would be tempting to do if an author was in to oversimplification. Rather, he shows how it’s complex and that is the beauty of personality. This is advanced scholarly learning–to hold back and not get to the point in a simplistic way, because getting to the point would be inaccurate. As a teacher I balanced the text with lecture information that included some fun and solid “points” and take-away learning, so the students had something solid to hang on to. In that way I think the students had a balanced class experience, and the reviews were good. Students who actually read the book were well-informed by the end of the quarter and could talk intelligently about personality.
I held back one star, because I do think this book needed more animation, pictures, images. I understand he took these out, but it does lack visual stimulation. But again, the writing is thorough. And –don’t forget, this book is $60 cheaper than other books with identical information perhaps presented less well. Choosing texts that not inflated in terms of price is important, so I am glad they sell this book at a reasonable price. Also this book is used at so many universities, it’s not hard to resale this book.

Product Details :

  • Paperback: 699 pages
  • Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company; Sixth Edition edition (September 17, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 039312441X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0393124415
  • Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.5 x 1.1 inches

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