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The preliminary obfuscating nature of the four words closely interrelated yet remarkably different from each other astronomy, astrology, cosmology and cosmogony can be prepended.

Cosmogony, a science which takes into account the religious nature of the universe, a part of the pseudoscience and involves the physical-emotional changes a man is exposed to and finds its evidence on the research conducted by a group of students following the arch trait’s as mentioned by Carl Jung, has been given a little importance and recognition.

Astrology is the study of stars, constellations and other such celestial bodies where thorough investigations are carried to determine their nature. Before Copernicus, every astronomer can be deemed to be an astrologer.

Cosmology is nothing but an added meaning of study of origin and fate of universe to the former, whose etymology dates back to the evolution of the humans when the last of the records of the Ionian culture act in the support of the affirmation. Anaxagoras, a firm believer of a heliocentric theory whose studies were later expanded had been possibly used by Copernicus to explain the structure of the universe.

The old school of philosophy before the succession of Thales and Pythagoras consented in the theory of backbone of night: a myth which proposed universe being static from the beginning of time. After a few observations Ptolemy devised a new hypothesis claiming the earth to be at the centre of the universe and all the other celestial bodies revolving around the former, he also derived the shape of the orbit in accordance with the equations deducted on the basis of experiments.

Another big impact on the field of cosmology was observed when Albert Einstein proposed his famous theory of relativity which when solved taking the magnanimity of the universe in its domains yielded an anti-gravitational constant and hence proved the theory of inflation: which suggests a continuous expansion of the universe the evidence of which came through the speculations of the Hubble telescope seen in the form of doppler shift with increasing intergalactic separations.

Wilson first detected the presence of microwaves originating in the backdrop of the universe propagating isotropically in all direction and Feynman developed his equations which could even calculate the density of the universe.

All the radical changes brought in the fields of astronomy were later manipulated and acted under the impression of poor intellect and ignorance to convert to astrology which devised seemingly unrelated connection between humans and planetary bodies in its expansion, following the ardent belief of people towards saints, the were to be fooled easy and made to believe that the planetary motion could cast an imprecation and were the very reasons of their ill-health or the death of their loved ones, as of now astrology is largely ignored and disrespected by the leading scientists of the world because of its inefficacy to prove its correctness.

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